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swp_stillness's Journal

Star Wars Prequels Stillness
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Welcome to Star Wars Prequels Stillness, the stillness community for Star Wars Movies one to three. This community was inspired by such communities as buffy_stillness and hp_stillness and as I love these movies, I thought this would make a good community. Please feel free to join and participate.

Please make your own icons, don't submit anyone elses. Keep to the theme/image/lyrics posted. Make sure the icon fits LJ specifications. Submissions may not be animated. No voting for yourself. You may vote even if you do not enter the challenge.

New challenges will go up on a Sunday. You will have from Monday to Friday to do your submission. Voting will take place on Saturday and Sunday and the winners will be announced on Monday. This could change, but this is how it is at the moment. Please always subit an IMG SRC and the direct URL. If you would like a banner when you win, please say so here. First, Second, and Third places will be awarded according to poll votes and there will be a Mods Choice also. If you would like to suggest lyrics, words, a theme or an image, please do so here.